Hi there. Krystle here.

Just sitting in my garden, trying to come up with interesting pieces of information to sew together to create a bio – – a real bio, not some greatest-hits-of-my -life compilation. Location has been a prominent theme, so a good place to start would be first base: The City that houses the Greatest Barbecue in the World…

I grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, though I suppose in many ways I really grew up in New York. Born and raised in KCMO, it would be in NYC where my band and I, Krystle Warren & The Faculty, started work on our ep, “Diary”. We were barely in our twenties, (Zach was still eighteen), and Ben Kane, (D’Angelo, Emily King) was interning at Electric Lady by day, and laying down Faculty tracks by night. We were a few tunes in when he introduced us to his friend and mentor Russ Elevado, (just throw in all the names you can imagine, ’cause he’s probably worked with them in some shape or form). Russ + Kane + Krystle Warren & The Faculty = “Circles”, 2009.

Because Music signed on to share our first offering with the world and did an unbelievable job… This partnership is what brought me to France, but what’s kept me here is my better half, Van.

It was Van who pushed me to get “Love Songs” into the studio. Back when the fellas and I were working away at “Circles”, I started imagining a second album recorded completely live; every tune a moment in a love story. So in 2011, twenty-seven musicians, one engineer, and one dog congregated at The Mother Brain, Brian Bender’s soulful space out in Brooklyn. In thirteen days we emerged with twenty-four songs. A few years ago, we decided to press them all to vinyl. Unfortunately, we hit a snag by the name of Leandro, but that’s a different story…

What remains is a great deal of pride in what we created.

That snag did  throw me for a loop though. It took Kane coming through Paris on a tour to pull me out, and thank goodness he did. “Three the Hard Way” would not exist were it not for my Glitter Twin and an incredible woman named Joelle. They are both absolute legends. Luckily for us all, nothing made that recording that they didn’t believe belonged there. It wouldn’t have been the same without studio B at Midilive, in Villetaneuse, France either, (thanks again, Stéphane).  “Three the Hard Way” is my favorite to date, with its honesty, its rawness. Plus I got behind a kit. Brothers and sisters, I’d been missing out!

In the late winter/early spring of 2019, Krystle Warren & The Faculty began recording our third full album at Kane’s studio, Electric Garden,  in NYC. There are so many things about this new chapter that excite me. I think we’ve grown with the music.