Following their double album 'Love Songs' (2012), and "Rising" (2019), written especially for Ava DuVernay's critically acclaimed "When They See Us", "Macca" is the newest release from Krystle Warren & The Faculty. Recorded on the heels of sessions for their upcoming full length album 'Extended Play', "Macca" arrived unexpectedly.

''A pal contacted me to help work on the music for an advert he was piecing together. My job was to find a melody and put words to it, so I set up my mic and started trying out ideas. And then pow! - 'Hang them upon the moon...' - it sounded so distinctly Paul. Immediately I worried that the client would accept my buddy's submission; thankfully, they didn't."

The "Paul" Krystle is referring to is of course, Paul McCartney, whose famous nickname entitles the song.

"He's such a huge inspiration for me. As a songwriter - my love of melody, the little quirks that come out lyrically - that's all thanks to him. And singing that chorus -­ it evoked for me those gorgeous ballads he composed in the 80s - 'Wanderlust', 'Tug Of War'... There's a bit of Wings there as well, I think, with a nod to 'I'm Carrying'

"What's wild to me is that, though I decided, 'This is for Paul,' it became equal parts: a love letter to him, and a note of encouragement to me. Which is a wonderful thing when you think about it: Paul's music so often encourages us to keep going, keep trying, and in using his language - so to speak - unwittingly, he was giving me strength.''